Wave 3 Builder Spotlight: LZero Analytics — Enhancing Blockchain Simulation and Security

3 min readMay 31, 2024


In the blockchain landscape, choosing the right platform to build on is crucial for both the performance and security of your project. With a growing list of over 1,000 blockchains, each with its own set of complexities, deciding which blockchain to use can be overwhelming. LZero Analytics, a Coreum Wave 3 grantee, offers a practical solution that allows projects and builders to stress-test their technology before deployment on-chain.


The ecosystem and financial ramifications of inadequate testing in blockchain events have been starkly illustrated in recent high-profile cases. For instance, during the Otherside NFT mint by Yuga Labs, a lack of optimized smart contract code not only led to over $150 million burned in gas fees but also to about $4.4 million lost due to failed transactions. This could potentially have been mitigated with more robust simulation and testing, identifying inefficiencies and high risk of failure under load. Similarly, Solana experienced a significant system outage that temporarily halted its operations and caused its token price to dip, underscoring the critical need for ongoing stress tests and performance optimizations to ensure network resilience. These examples highlight the costly impact of under-tested systems in live environments, where a proactive approach could save millions and bolster trust in blockchain infrastructures.

Improving Blockchain Efficiency and Security

LZero Analytics specializes in creating private, customizable, and realistic blockchain network simulations in the cloud. The platform enables organizations to test and optimize in a controlled environment to help identify the best configurations and prepare for potential issues. Reducing the risks associated with real-world deployment and potential outages.

Addressing Blockchain System Challenges

LZero Analytics tackles several critical issues in the blockchain space:

  • Complex Choices: With numerous blockchain platforms available, LZero provides tools to help businesses test and choose the blockchain that best fits their specific needs, without having to waste resources or time.
  • Configuration Risks: Misconfigurations can lead to outages and performance issues. LZero’s simulation platform allows thorough testing of blockchain parameters to optimize.
  • Outages and Financial Risks: The blockchain industry has seen significant outages, such as the multiple disruptions experienced by Solana in 2022, which can be costly. LZero’s simulations aim to reduce these risks, protecting companies from potential financial losses and damage to their reputation.

Why LZero Works with Coreum

LZero’s decision to partner with Coreum is strategic. Coreum’s platform supports high transaction volume, offers features like customizable Smart Tokens, and is ripe with new projects looking to take advantage of what the ecosystem has to offer. In partnering, LZero will be able to offer their blockchain simulation services to projects building on Coreum.

Supporting Safer Blockchain Deployments

LZero’s role within the Coreum ecosystem is about enhancing the reliability and efficiency of blockchain technologies. By providing a platform for rigorous testing before going live, LZero helps set a standard for safer blockchain deployments.

This partnership not only underscores Coreum’s dedication to supporting practical blockchain solutions but also highlights LZero’s critical role in improving the industry’s safety and performance standards.

For more information about LZero and their contributions to the web3 ecosystem, please visit their website or follow updates on Coreum’s official channels.

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